Intentional Health Hawaii Colonic Certification Retreat

Questions and Answers (Q&A)

What colonic machine is used during training?

The colonic machine that is used in your Colonic Retreat or private certification training is a Hydro-San Plus, an FDA Class II Colonic System with a current prescription by a Licensed Medical Health Care Practitioner Physician. The Hydro-San Plus colonic machine is a closed system.

The facility’s water supply line goes through 2 filters before entering the colonic machine. The colonic machine water enters the client through a disposable water line and then the disposable speculum. When the waste is evacuated from the client, the waste and water go out the speculum, through a disposable waste line, and then through an illuminated glass viewing tube on the machine that allows for observation of what is eliminated. Then the waste empties directly into the facility’s waste system. The waste is “closed” to the air, hence the term “closed-system”. The Hydro-San Plus has its own internal disinfection and self-cleaning system.

You can add other items to the machine for your session such as oxygen, ozone, or supplemental rectal implants. You will receive hands-on training on this machine, working with clients, how to set-up, use and maintain the machine and associated equipment.

During the Colonic Certification Retreat do we get hands-on training on a person as well as the machine?

Yes, once hygiene, sanitation and infection control are covered in the training, we train on live models, as well as each other, for proper practice to become a success at your profession. This allows for a personal experience, with one-on-one supervision for questions and answers to get immediate relevant feedback. This makes for a highly efficient learning experience.

You will be working within an environment that is an established, successful, working business as an ideal example. With the colonic certification retreat training, we teach client assessment, client protocol on how to make your session count. Modesty for you or the client’s dignity is always maintained.

In our colonic certification training we incorporate guideline material.  We are also available to answer any questions in the future by providing telephone and email support.

Are there other helpful modalities that come along with the Colonic Certification Retreat training?

Yes, these complementary modalities assist in the treatment during the colonic session but are not limited to it. You can take the skills that we teach you and incorporate them into your life style and work today. These are great skills that you can use for yourself and others for great health benefits.

Here is a sample of what you will learn: Abdominal Massage, Conscious Breathing Techniques, Pressure Points: hand-foot-body, Skin Brushing, Implants/Infusions, Healthy Diet, Client Communication, Ethics, Business Set-Up, and more.

What if I can’t afford to pay for the Colonic Certification Retreat training all at once?

This is not a problem, we are quite happy to process the payments in four installments. A completed application, registration and deposit of $500.00 are required to reserve your space.

The course must be paid in full at least 1 week prior to class date. There are no refunds after the closing date.

We are happy to accept checks, money orders and credit/debit card payments.  See the application page for late fees, refund fees, payment policy and payment options. (Kama Aina, locals, long term visitors ONLY may pay with cash)

Are meals part of the Colonic Certification Retreat?

Yes, your meals are included with your room and board colonic certification package, unless you are a local taking the colonic certification retreat by commuting, then you may purchase meals separately.

We suggest that you partake of the local, organic, vegetarian foods that are grown and harvested by the interns of Hawaiian Sanctuary and the meals that are prepared by the onsite chef.

In doing this, if you are not already a nutritionist, vegetarian or have a healthy diet, by experiencing the foods here, you get first-hand experience at learning positive eating habits.

Your textbook guidelines on colon health, nutrition and your personal experience with diet, assist in managing and providing your clients with proper diet as the first line of defense for better health.

We think that this is an ideal environment and an opportunity to re-create your dietary habits, losing weight, detoxing and cleansing – including unwanted emotions.  You can supplement your retreat experience and education by incorporating our amenities; yoga in the morning, sauna, steam, gym, swimming, biking, walking or just hanging out on the gravity-free magnetic hanging bed.

You can have it all while you are here.

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